Tenant Representation

At Locations Commercial Real Estate, we provide expert tenant representation to large and small national tenants, along with hundreds of new start-ups and "mom and pop" shops throughout Michigan.

We use the latest software and technology to assist them with this process. But even in today’s world, technology data alone does not lead to the “just right” location.

This takes years of knowledge in the marketplace.  Demographic studies may show a location with your “just right” demographics, but our experienced brokers and agents understand shopping patterns and know who really is shopping at this location. Our company has led hundreds of retailers to the perfect locations, in spite of what the studies may have shown.

Locations Commercial Real Estate takes pride in servicing every tenant we represent. In fact, we treat every size client with the same respect.

Our founding principal remembers the day when he had only retail locations and a hard time getting assistance. It wasn’t until he had three locations that brokers respected him and his company. Locations takes great pride in finding every client that “just right” location.  Our company has grown based on the great referrals we receive.


View our exclusive tenants that we represent:

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