Stop Whining and Make a Change

“If you don’t build your dream, someone else will hire you to help them build theirs.”
Dhirubhai Ambani

I’m tired of hearing people say life isn’t fair. My answer to them is, life is what you make it.  

You have choices and you make decisions.  If you have made a bad decision in the past, that doesn’t mean you can’t make NEW and BETTER decisions today. 

Let’s talk about career decisions. If you’re unhappy with your current career or job, start exploring a new one. If you despise working for another person, or a company, start exploring pathways to independence and self-employment. Even if you’re not the creative type, or have no clue how to start a business, you can explore the world of franchising. Franchising allows you to buy an existing (and tested) concept along with an already developed system for running a successful business. 

This is not to say all franchises are good, and not all franchises fit all people. There are many factors involved when shopping for a franchise. There are also companies and individuals that can help you make the right decision when choosing a franchise.

Here are a few important points to look for when choosing a franchise:

  1. Is there a need for this service or product?
  2. Is this service or product a fad?
  3. Does the franchise company offer good training, and ongoing support for franchisees?
  4. Does the franchise have a good organization behind them?
  5. Does this franchise fit my lifestyle?
  6. Do I have the proper financing and cash for this concept?

These are the most important questions you need to answer when entering the world of franchising.

Making the decision of becoming your own boss and entering the entrepreneurial world is a big step; a step that will affect you and everyone around you. Don’t go it alone. Get a mentor or an experienced consultant to assist you in the process.

It’s time to stop whining, start enjoying your career, and start building your dreams. You only have one life, make the move and invest in your future! After all, there’s no better time than NOW to start enjoying your life.  

Paul Bensman
CEO/Locations Commercial Real Estate Services, LLC
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