Five Predictions for Commercial Real Estate in 2017

Justin Yelda

By Paul Bensman, Associate Broker / CEO at Locations Commercial Real Estate Services

2016 was a year filled with both growth and uncertainty. Here’s what I see ahead for commercial real estate in 2017. 

  1. Closures and Consolidations.  More retailers will consolidate and close their doors. This is mainly a result of steadily increasing online competition and over-saturation of locations. Sears just announced that it will close more than 30 Sears and Kmart stores in early 2017.
  2. Shopping Center Foreclosures.  Larger shopping centers with mid-large size boxes will start going back to lenders in the next 12-18 months. Many bank notes are up for renewal. Given the surplus of available mid-large spaces, and the demand by discount Tenants for lower rates, center income will not support these notes.
  3. Multi-Family Stays Strong. The apartment market and demand for new multi-family space will continue to be a strong sector. The process of adding thousands of new apartments to the Detroit housing market has already begun and new developments will continue into 2017.
  4. Distributions Networks Grow. The demand for Warehouse space for distribution and logistics will continue to grow for both existing and new construction. A huge part of this growth is due to the surge in online shopping.  Amazon recently announced plans to open a $90 million warehouse in Livonia, Michigan, on a former General Motors site.
  5. Office Market Remains Weak. The office market continues to struggle, and I don’t see the demand for space picking up. This sector has been impacted by job cuts and the connectivity resulting from new technology.  Millennials are also changing the game, choosing work spaces that are less formal and more flexible, and making telecommuting more mainstream. Today’s worker can be on the beach and conduct 95% of their business. 


5 Proactive Steps for CRE Sales

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Sit Back and Enjoy the Ride

Michigan is set to lead the field in the development and implementation of driverless car technology. New legislation gives Michigan the broadest set of regulations in the country for autonomous vehicles!

Delivering on Consumer Demand

Consumers demand faster order fulfillment and more delivery options. Retailers, with Amazon leading the pack, are responding with innovative new solutions. Now your washer can order detergent for you!

Detroit's Got Game!

With plans in the works for a new soccer stadium and the Detroit Piston's potential move downtown, Detroit's economy could be looking at another big boost.

What Happened to Black Friday?

This year more merchants are jumping the gun and offering Black Friday discounts – some beginning a month early! Black Friday turned gray when retailers started opening on Thanksgiving Day. Even, “Cyber Monday” is starting to last a week. For many reasons, there's no official start date for the holiday shopping season anymore.

New Entertainment Center in Auburn Hills!

Oakland County, Michigan welcomes a new 26,545 square-foot venue known as "The H.U.B." Set to open in November, 2016, the H.U.B. will feature 16 fowling courts (a cross between football and bowling) plus a fast-casual restaurant, bars, private rooms and outdoor seating.

Small Business is Good Business

With small businesses creating new energy and job opportunities, it is inevitable that they will have a major impact on building the economy in the city of Detroit and the surrounding suburban areas.

Stein Mart Opens in Metro Detroit!

Stein Mart, opens their first location in the Metro Detroit area on November 12th, 2015 with a Grand Opening ceremony and gift card drawing. The new 32,000 square foot store is located in the redeveloped Winchester Center in Rochester Hills.